From the Executive Officer

Alison Heagney, Executive OfficerThe staff at the college continue to reward me every day with their dedication to their jobs and how well they work together. I would like to thank them for that commitment, because without the staff there would be no college.

I’d like to share by way of encouragement, a little bit of me. At 43 I returned to university as a single mum with a four month old, and remember the self-doubt, exhaustion, procrastination, and the confusion, but that was balanced much more by a whole world re-opening for me, of new knowledge, friends, connections and a new found resilience and finally, after three years of hard work the high when I finally achieved my qualification. At my graduation I remember the tears with the smiles and how proud my family and little boy were of me.

You see, study was a very personal thing, a time of healing and rebuilding after a devastating time in my life and I bring this strong memory to all of my work with the college. It was as a result of taking that time for me and re-training that I was able to re-start my career with fresh, up to date skills and confidence, and you can too.

I hope to see new faces in our classes this term. Brave souls who stepped out of their comfort zone to learn something new. Are you one of them?

Alison Heagney
Executive Officer

From the President

I am proud to be part of this Association and the Adult and Community Education sector. We have a commitment to provide lifelong learning opportunities that meet peoples' education and skills training needs, but which are enjoyable, relaxed and held in a friendly environment. We want people to take advantage of the short courses we offer and to feel they can move into and out of the system as they choose.

We hope people will use Community College Northern Inland Inc. as a pathway to further education and training. We also want people to tell us what their education needs are so we can be more responsive to our community.

Diane Carter

Mission, Vision and Values

Community College Northern Inland provides innovative education and employment related training programs to meet the needs of our local communities.

The College values are:

  • Responsiveness
    Consistently meet community needs
    Communicate regularly providing relevant information
    Assess the impact of decisions and external factors on our communities
    Listen, anticipate and act on community needs

    Strive to continuously improve what we do
    Share our knowledge to support each other
    Collaborate with stakeholders to achieve the right outcomes

  • Integrity
    Adhere to professional and ethical standards
    Respect confidentiality
    Encourage staff and students and treat them with dignity
    Accept responsibility for our actions

    Encourage and implement new ideas
    Find smart ways to deliver the best results
    Use our collective experience to seek out solutions to problems
    Recognise and realise new opportunities