From the Executive Officer

Alison Heagney, Executive OfficerWriting this column is always challenging, it’s the 29th June today. My team of managers, campus coordinators and clerical officers are all travelling right now into Tamworth for a day of professional development. In the evening we will celebrate the end of our funding year at the Greater Northern Skills Development Group NSW Training Awards with all of the other vocational training providers in the region. This awards night is a long overdue reward for a solid year of change and hard work by the staff.

Today, we will, as a team review our performance and look at how to work better together. I will introduce new tools to allow us to work more efficiently over long distances to keep our costs down so that we can spend it on course delivery and resources. I am in a very privileged role to work with staff that are so passionate about their towns and the needs of the students. We have just spent heavily on developing a new crop of trainers from their industries who live and work locally. This always brings great results for students and businesses as we embed our training locally to create real pathways or jobs for students.

This year we have been working with local businesses in skill development by bringing specialist trainers and presenters into the region where required and also encouraging informal networks. We will be continuing with this in our new funding year. Step by step our capacity grows as we develop with locals to create a sustainable business model for adult learning in tough times. Thank you to everyone that has contributed in some way so far.

Alison Heagney
Executive Officer

From the President

I am proud to be part of this Association and the Adult and Community Education sector. We have a commitment to provide lifelong learning opportunities that meet peoples' education and skills training needs, but which are enjoyable, relaxed and held in a friendly environment. We want people to take advantage of the short courses we offer and to feel they can move into and out of the system as they choose.

We hope people will use Community College Northern Inland Inc. as a pathway to further education and training. We also want people to tell us what their education needs are so we can be more responsive to our community.

Diane Carter

Mission, Vision and Values

Community College Northern Inland provides innovative education and employment related training programs to meet the needs of our local communities.

The College values are:

  • Responsiveness
    Consistently meet community needs
    Communicate regularly providing relevant information
    Assess the impact of decisions and external factors on our communities
    Listen, anticipate and act on community needs

    Strive to continuously improve what we do
    Share our knowledge to support each other
    Collaborate with stakeholders to achieve the right outcomes

  • Integrity
    Adhere to professional and ethical standards
    Respect confidentiality
    Encourage staff and students and treat them with dignity
    Accept responsibility for our actions

    Encourage and implement new ideas
    Find smart ways to deliver the best results
    Use our collective experience to seek out solutions to problems
    Recognise and realise new opportunities