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Learning update

Remote Learning

We’re changing the way we do things to better support student learning.

In response to widespread COVID-19 concerns the College is delivering a growing number of courses remotely.

We are continuing to deliver a high-quality educational experience by providing:

  • printed learning materials delivered to students at home;
  • Zoom remote classroom workshops; and
  • interactive learning resources to support remote learning.

The decision to adopt a blended learning approach has been made to ensure the safety of students and the wider college community.

If your course is being delivered remotely, we will contact you with instructions on how to take part in your class.

Learning resources delivered to your home

Learning resources

Home delivery of course materials

If your course requires you to read a printed Learner Guide and complete written assessments these learning materials will be delivered to your home as you progress through your course. You will also receive postage-paid return envelopes to post your completed assessments back to campus. Simply lodge your return package with your completed work at your nearest post office.

Please ensure you notify your local campus staff of changes to your home address and other contact details as soon as they occur.


Zoom in to a remote classroom workshop

Zoom videoconferencing is helping students remain connected to the college with Zoom workshops being held across our campuses right now. To take part in a Zoom remote classroom workshop you only need a web-connected device and a link from your trainer inviting you to join the remote classroom.

Need help with technology?

Watch the one-minute Zoom Joining a Meeting video and download Zoom’s Student Tips for Participating in Online Learning. Discover the fun features built into Zoom that make it easy to take part in a remote workshop.

Zoom into an online classroom workshop

Log in to join your virtual community

Interactive learning

Interactive resources to support remote learning communities

Our remote learning portal offers access to all the learning resources you’ll need to supercharge your training. Students studying remotely or those who can’t be physically present due to distance or time constraints can log in to the portal to get additional training resources and access to their group’s remote learning community.

Student Support

Help and support

Class cancellations

Not all of our courses can be delivered remotely, and unfortunately this has meant cancelling some classes. If your class has been cancelled, you are entitled to a full refund or if you prefer, you can request a credit that will cover the cost of enrolling again at a later date. For more information about cancellations and refunds, please read our terms and conditions.

Get in touch

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we transition to a program of remote learning. We are working hard to assist students who may need help with an adjusted delivery program. Please contact us by phoning 1800 952 264.