News - Good360 donates emergency supplies to campuses

"Business as usual in Community College campuses across the Northern Inland."

Good360 delivers emergency supplies to campuses during COVIDIt’s business as usual at Community College Northern Inland thanks to a timely delivery from Good360 that saved the day for hundreds of regional students.

In a mid-term act of COVID kindness, Good360 delivered emergency supplies of Quilton toilet rolls to the college, restocking bathrooms in campuses across the region. Staff were overjoyed to receive the delivery from Good360, a not-for-profit that accepts surplus new goods from companies and manufacturers which it distributes to registered charities to ensure they reach the people most in need. College supplies were near-exhausted as pandemic panic buying caused a nationwide shortage of toilet paper.

The college is a registered charity with a focus on training, upskilling and educating disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, and the newly unemployed within local communities. Social inclusion is an important part of the educational program where communities still reeling from the effects of a prolonged drought and fire are given the opportunity to participate in socialised learning.

According to Executive Officer Alison Heagney, "Toilet rolls and other personal hygiene products are essential to keeping campuses operational. The college is well-known for in-campus, face-to-face teaching and although we adapted our training delivery shortly after the announcement of the pandemic to include remote learning as an option for learners, a large number of students requested a careful continuation of face-to-face training."

"During the pandemic the college has been working hard to remain accessible, maintaining in-campus connections with staff and students under social distancing and other safety guidelines. We had several supply issues during the first phase of the pandemic but thanks to Good360 and Quilton a toilet paper crisis was averted!"

Community College Northern Inland would like to say a huge thank you to Good360 and Quilton, for their generosity in helping campuses better respond to the needs of students at a time when anxiety is high and small kindnesses matter.

Photograph: Courtesy of McMahon Structural Advanced Homes.