Learn to Succeed

Learn to Succeed

Each year, Community College Northern Inland Inc. offers an award to a student, enrolled in Year 11 or 12 at secondary school during the year of the award.

Award purpose

The purpose of the Award is to make a contribution towards the cost of further vocational or work-related education in the year after the winning student completes high school (or in the case of a Year 11 recipient it may be used while they are studying Year 12).

Award value

The Award value is $200.


The student who wins this Award will have demonstrated an ongoing and active interest in learning. They will not necessarily be the most academic or have achieved high marks in their school work, however, they will have consistently tried and shown a commitment to learn and succeed and have clear goals for their future.

Currently, the Learn to Succeed Award is offered on a limited basis by the Inverell campus.

Contact the Campus Coordinator to find out more, or download the Award Nomination Form to read the full Terms and Conditions.

Nomination form