Ideation Workshops

Are you sitting on an idea?

  • Are you thinking about starting a micro-business? Have you spent time grappling with an idea but are unsure how to take the next step?

    Great ideas for startups make for high levels of excitement, but how can you know if your idea has potential?

    Ideation is brainstorming around your idea and seeing whether it’s got legs to become an actual business.

  • Community College Northern Inland and the UNE SMART Region Incubator invite you to take part in a free workshop that will help you sense-check your idea.

    In this 3-hour workshop, attendees will go through the core concepts to all successful startup ideas.

    It’s useful to unpack your ideas and look at them from different perspectives. At the end of an ideation session you’ll be clear if your idea is worth pursuing as a business, and you’ll have a lean canvas business model to start with.

    Walk away with an actionable plan to validate ideas in the marketplace, and a better understanding of ways to test your idea as you move to develop a business.

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